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Dear friends,

On behalf of the organizing committee of 3D 2021, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th Annual Conference of DIABETES | DIALOGUES | DISCUSSIONS (3D 2021) which is being held in Chennai on 18 – 19 September 2021. It is an honor to host you and also to make you comfortable and with your participation, it would be a great success.

Very happy to note that, the response from the delegates during the 2020 meeting was tremendous in terms of numbers and participation in the discussions more than 3500 delegates attended the virtual conference. Thank you

The scientific committee has taken all efforts to make the scientific content of this meeting a better learning experience. Treatment of Diabetes is challenging to the care provider and has to be constantly updated. This conference is packed with discussions, State of the Art Lectures, Meet the Expert (MTE) sessions, Workshops, Debates, Controversies, and Jugalbandhies. Contemporary issues such as Paradigm shift in the management of diabetes, managing diabetes during covid times, steroid use, and medical and surgical management of mucormycosis are discussed. More than 80 top national faculties members of repute are ready to discuss various issues in the management of diabetes. In this conference, significant time is allotted for interactive sessions. Bon appetite for learning in diabetes.

Eagerly waiting to meet you all online.

Dr. G. Vijaya Kumar
Organizing Secretary
3D 2021

Organizing Secretary
Dr. G. Vijaya Kumar

Scientific Program Committee
Dr. S. Venkataraman
Dr. C.R. Anand Moses
Dr. Krishna G Seshadri

Local Organizing Committee
Dr. S. Chandrasekhar
Dr. M. Chellamariappan
Dr. D Dhanamithran
Dr. R. Gowrishankar
Dr N Kannan
Dr. K. Mohan
Dr. A. Natarajan
Dr. K P Pichumani
Dr. R. P. Rajesh
Dr. P Selvapandian
Dr. A. Srivatsa
Dr Kannan


Dr C R Anand Moses
Dr Anbuchelvan
Dr Anil Boraskar
Dr Anjana Mohan
Dr Anuj Maheshwari
Dr S R Aravind
Dr Arun Panneer
Dr A J Asirvatham
Dr Banshi Saboo
Dr Bhavatharani
Dr Binayak Sinha
Dr Brij Makkar
Dr S Chandrasekar
Dr Chitra Selvan
Dr Dakshata Padhye
Dr A K Das
Dr M C Deepak
Dr Dhanamithran
Dr Dharmarajan
Dr Gafoor
Dr J Giri
Dr Gowrishankar
Dr Hari Vinay Kumar
Dr R S Hariharan
Dr Hemanth Thaker
Dr Jaishree Gopal
Dr Jothydev Kesavadev
Dr Kandula Sai
Dr N Kannan
Dr Krishna G Seshadri
Dr J S Kumar
Dr Kumaravel Velayutham
Dr S S Lakshmanan
Dr R H Lakshmi
Dr Madhav
Dr R Madhavan
Dr V Mahadevan
Dr Manoj Chawla
Dr V Mohan
Dr J J Mukherji
Dr S N Narasingan
Dr A Natarajan

Dr Navneet Wadhwa
Dr Neeta Deshpande
Dr Palaniappan
Dr A Panneerselvam
Dr Paranthaman
Dr K P Pitchumani
Dr Purvi Chawla
Dr R P Rajesh
Dr Rajiv Kovil
Dr A Ramachandran
Dr M V Ramamohan
Dr V V Ramkumar
Dr P V Rao
Dr V Ravindranath
Dr C Rayappa
Dr Y Sadasiva Rao
Dr Sanjay Reddy
Dr D Santharam
Dr P Selvapandian
Prof V Seshiah
Dr A Shanmugam
Dr M Shanmugavelu
Dr A K Singh
Dr Siva Shankar
Dr Srinivasa Murthy
Dr Sriram Mahadevan
Dr A Srivatsa
Dr Sruti Chandrasekaran
Dr J R Subramanian
Dr A Sundaram
Dr Suresh Damodaran
Dr Tejas Shah
Dr A G Unni Krishnan
Dr Usha Ayyagari
Dr Usha Sriram
Dr Vamsie Mohan
Dr S Venkataraman
Dr Vijay Neglur
Dr Vijay Viswanathan
Dr G Vijaya Kumar
Dr Vivek Sundaram

Conference Secretariat

Dr G Vijaya Kumar

Diabetes Medicare Centre
No:8, Raja Street, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017.

Mobile : 9791072917