28 April 2019

Session 10 – Diabetes Dialogues – Rapid Fire

Circadian Rhythm & Diabetes

Dr Y Sadasiva Rao

MNT for Sarcopenia

Dr S Venkataraman

CVOTs & SGLT2i – a critical analysis

Dr Samit Ghosal

Diabetes & Stroke

Dr MV Ramamohan

Mobile Apps for practicing physician

Dr Jayaprakash Sai


Session 11 – Plenary Lectures

Cross Talk between Liver and Pancreas

Dr Rajiv Kovil

Diabetic dysinformation

Dr Krishna G Seshadri

Technology for better care & empowerment of the patient

Dr Manoj Chawla


Session 12 – Diabetes Discussion – Jugalbandhi

Difficult diabetes & difficult diabetic

Dr Manoj Chawla & Dr Venkataraman

Holistic approach – Steno to Chennai

Dr Samit Ghosal & Dr Rajiv Kovil

Session 13 – Symposium 4

Ultrafast acting insulin for optimum control of postprandial glucose

Dr Venkataraman

Co-formulation insulin : From convenience to clinical relevance

Dr Krishna G Seshadri


Session 14 – Symposium 5

Can DPP IV i be a good partner to Metformin ?

Dr Deepak

Best partner to Metformin – Sufonlylureas 

Dr G Vijayakumar


Session 15 – Panel Discussion : Burning issues in Diabetic Diet

Chairperson – Dr. R Madhavan

Moderator – Dr Shanmugavelu

1. Indian High Carb Diet – is it really toxic ?
3. Can high protein diet – help in prevention &
control ?
4. Eating disorders in diabetes
5. Artifical sweeteners
6. Keto & Palio Diet
7. Any other issues

Dr Jaishree Gopal
Dr Dharani Krishnan
Dr Balamurugan
Dr Panneerselvam

Session 16 – Diabetes Discussions – Jugalbandhi

CPR for the diabetic foot

Dr Rajesh Kesavan | Dr TV Raja | Dr R Ravi Kumar

Valedictory function