Inauguration by Prof. V. Seshiah

Speech by Prof. V. Seshiah

27April 2019

Session 1 – Clinical Approach : Marginally Abnormal Biochemical Parameters

TSH – 7 in a diabetic – Do I need to treat?

Dr Shriraam Mahadevan

Uric Acid – 8 Is it significant to treat?

Dr Usha Ayyagari

Tg 260 in an Indian Diabetic – Is it significant?

Dr Mahadevan

Creatine 1.5 – How do I Deal?

Dr Sarita Vinod


Session 2 – Plenary Lectures

10 considerations to use DPP IV i for the clinician

Dr CR Anand Moses

NAFLD – Diagnostic Hierarchy, Prognosis & Management

Dr Murugan

Sleep Disorders in Diabetes

Dr N Ramakrishnan


Session 3 – Symposium 1 : Infections and Diabetes

MDR Tuberculosis in Diabetes

Dr Narasimhan

Poorly controlled diabetes, cachexia , fever & visceral abscess 

Dr Ram Gopalakrishnan

Asymptomatic Bacteria

Dr Abdul Gafoor

Immunisation for Diabetics

Dr Rama Subramanian


Session 4 – Symposium 2

Choice of DPP IV i – Evidence to date

Dr Shruthi Chandrasekar

Reducing CV burden-Time to bell the cat ? 

Dr S Venkataraman

Perfect partners for better control

Dr Krishna G Seshadri


Session 5 – Symposium 3

 Insulin Initiation in clinical care-choices and decision making

Dr J S Kumar

New Insulin-Glargine 300 evidence-based position in the care

Dr A Ramachandran


Session 6 – Diabetes Dialogues – Rapid Fire

Off target usage of Anti diabetic drugs

Dr A J Asirwadam

Diabesity – Drug therapy

Dr PV Rao

Postprandial Hyperglycemia 

Dr Anand Moses

ED with Normal Testosterone levels

Dr Balamurugan

Managing elderly diabetics with DPP IV i

Dr R Madhavan


Session 7 – Diabetic Case Presentations – Discussions

Diabetic Case Presentations

Dr RP Rajesh

Diabetic Case Presentations

Dr Gowrishankar

Diabetic Case Presentations

Dr Selvapandian

Diabetic Case Presentations

Dr K Mohan

Diabetic Case Presentations

Dr Paranthaman

Session 8 – Diabetes Dialogues – Jugalbandhi

PCOS & Menopause in a Diabetic woman – An approach

Dr Jaishree Gopal & Dr Amitha Pandey

3 decades of diabetes management – Evolution or Revolution ? 

Dr Ramachandran | Dr Venkataraman | Dr Krishna G Seshadri

Session 9 – What’s new?

Drugs in pipeline for treatment of Diabetes Type 2

Dr Nanditha Arun

PCSK 9 – usage in a diabetic

Dr N Sivakataksham

Secondary hypertension-suspicion & screening

Dr SS Lakshmanan

Biomarkers for diagnosing complications

Dr Vijay Viswanathan